PS 200 K Benson Elementary School


1940 Benson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11214
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Parent Coordinator: 
Lucy LaMothe
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Last Updated: 
January 06, 2016

Partnership Program
Cultural Partners: City Lore, Inc; Brooklyn Museum

PS 200, located in Bensonhurst, is a Title I school in which 70 percent of the student population comes from immigrant families with origins in China, Pakistan, Russia, the Ukraine, Latin America, and Albania. More than 15 percent of the students are English Language Learners, many of whom take part in a district-wide Russian bilingual program that is housed onsite. Through the school’s CAE-funded partnership with the Brooklyn Museum and City Lore, students learned to become more effective listeners and communicators as they obtained hands-on skills in dance, drama, music, and the visual arts. Second through fifth grade classes observed, analyzed, created, and interpreted works of art and, in particular, the act of storytelling. Students acquired the vocabulary necessary to describe and analyze stories from other cultures, drawing upon the “American Identities” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and oral histories from their neighbors.