PS 631 K: General D. Chappie James Elementary School of Science


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76 Riverdale Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11212
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Lawanda Key
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August 07, 2015

2010-2011 Parents as Arts Partners
Cultural Partner: Brooklyn Arts Council
With their Parents As Arts Partners program this year, PS 631 sought to engage parents and students in a series of workshops which would delve into the diverse cultures represented by the population of the school, including West Indian, Caribbean, Bengali, Pakistani, and Indian traditions, and expose families to environment-friendly, fun ways to recycle materials for art-making. Partnering with CAE and the Brooklyn Arts Council, PS 631 developed and implemented a four-part workshop series, led by BAC teaching artist Kimberly Carmody, during which participants learned about Indian culture, art, symbols, and motifs, and created mandalas together from recycled goods. The mandalas were exhibited at a culminating Diwali lights festival, hosted by the workshop participants and open to the whole school community. This festival was counted as a tremendous success for PS 631, as it alone drew the involvement of more parents and families of students than any other event had in the 3-year history of the school.